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The Chinese ancients observed human health related to climate closely, for example wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, and fire are the external evil can cause human disease. Even your date of birth affect to your health too!

Do you have coldness within your body?
Every one has a chance to catch cold or exceeds wet in the life. If you have habit listed below, then you are likely have coldness in your body.

  1. To catch flu often;
  2. Used to wet under rain, or leave wet hair without dry blowing;
  3. To often eat ice cream, drink fridge water, and too much salad,;
  4. To wear on miniskirt discover lower belles and back …….
  5. if you have arthritis which feel worse when it is clod in climate or winter, or fell better when you have warm bath shower;
  6. When you have period pain, warm up make your pain easier;

When is the best time to drive coldness out from body?
The Chinese ancients observed human health related to climate and closely. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner believed that on the period of from July 13 to August 21, 2019, is the best time to rule out the coldness and dampness from your body.

Because this time is the hottest season of the year, your skin sweat glands are more active and excrete sweat. The coldness within your body will be more discharged while you sweat.

How TCM help this more effectively and how?
If you use Chinese jujube and ginger to make a tea, there 2 ways to do this:

  1. To put jujube and fresh ginger to cook 10-15 minutes, then filter the tea into a cup and drink it when it is cooler down.
  2. To cut jujube into slices and add 2-4 slices of fresh ginger into a thermal flask soaking 30 minutes, then drink it when it is in a proper temperature.
  3. To add a little honey or brown sugar can be a nicer taste.

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Jujube Ginger Tea
the best summer tea for expelling of coldness within body
self made Summer Tea for Expilling of Coldness within Body