“I came to see Edwina after contemporary health care had disappointed me in 2009. I had excruciating debilitating pain in my neck and shoulder with pins and needles radiating down the arm for over two years, which had caused me to fall into a state of chronicity with many associated changes to my psyche. After I was told to take a steroid injection, which could possibly cause a tendon rupture, I decided that I needed to look for a second opinion. With Edwina, I had received acupuncture, massage and cupping treatment, and Edwina had soon fixed me. The treatment was highly effective, and soon the pain was gone, and had given me a new lease on life. Between treatments I was also given a set of exercises to perform to help with the symptoms. Edwina handled everything professionally, efficiently and with a smile. Before I found it difficult to even get dressed, but after I felt as if I’d gotten myself back. When the pain returned on the other shoulder in 2011, I came back to see Edwina immediately, and very soon, I had received the same professional treatment that I had the first time I was under her care. I would highly recommend Edwina’s treatments for anyone, and I can confidently say there were absolutely no negative points in the entire experience.”

John and Grace

“We have been using Edwina’s acupuncture service for almost 20 years and have always found it to be very effective.  It has helped us with remedying a number of different ailments over that time and moreover Edwina always takes the time to listen to what is troubling you instead of just writing out a prescription as most mainstream health practitioners do. “

“We would not hesitate to recommend this practice to anyone in need of the type of help that modern medicine just can’t seem to give them.”

“We had been receiving acupuncture care for a variety of complaints since 1978. When Edwina came to Bletchley we decided to see her in around 2004. Initially my first complaint was severe arm pain which prevented me from performing any real lifting, but after seeing Edwina, I was fine after six treatments. I had since then returned to see Edwina several times over the years for various complaints such as stress and back problems. My experiences with her have all been positive, and in addition to being a clearly experienced and talented practitioner, she is very kind. She is also a very good listener and professional, and has been sure to inform me of everything that I would need to know about what would happen with

regards to my treatment. I would highly recommend others come to see her for treatment.”​

“I am writing in testimony of a low back pain for a number of years, and I am in the process of having acupuncture for low back pain, and I live in a bungalow and I work as a plaster, and I found it hard to go up stairs. But after a number of treatments, I can go up stairs better, and I rate my treatment scale of nine out of ten.”


“Since I came to you on the 15th of August with back pain that left me barely able to walk and could not sit without excruciating pain and the medication was not even touching the pain. After the first treatment it relieved and after the third session I was virtually pain free, with just the odd twinge and able to resume my manual work after the fifth session, pretty much back to normal.

The traditional pain killers made me feel unwell and physically sick. A total waste of money and did not help in getting me back to work, which is a far bigger cost than the treatments of acupuncture.”


“Approximately two years ago (2014) I had an episode of severe back pain. At the time my doctor diagnosed this as sciatica and prescribed me with suitable medicines. This had some effect on my condition but left me with pain, numbness and tingling in my lower left leg and foot. I have continued with this discomfort until another episode in September 2015 and finally in November 2015 it got to be too much and left me unable to work. I have been off work since then. Again the doctor prescribed various medications to help but none have relieved me of the symptoms. I have also undergone an MRI scan, physiotherapy and been referred to orthotics.

These symptoms have left me unable to walk more than one mile or do many jobs around the house. Standing for more than fifteen minutes was painful as was sitting for prolonged periods of time. At times relief could only be found by laying down.

In April this year, after the doctor signed me off work for another four weeks, I decided that I had to do something about it, so I did some research into acupuncture. Finding Sui Yun Huang on the British Acupuncture Website gave me confidence in this practice, so I made an appointment.

After the first session, the difference was immediate and amazing. I am now able to walk far longer distances, cycle 20 miles and do other jobs that I have had to put off for years. Although I still have some of the symptoms, they have been greatly reduced and I firmly believe that with continued therapy sessions, these will hopefully be totally eradicated.”