Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is complete medicine system that has been used to diagnose, treat and prevent illnesses for more than 5,000years. TCM is based on regulate the balance of yin and yang, harmonious with earth and universe, emphasis self-body regulations well. What is the difference between TCM and Western medicine? The difference between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine is not only on the method of treatment by using natural therapies including acupuncture, massage, moxibustion, cupping therapy, and herbal remedies, while west medicine uses man made chemical drugs, mainly because of the fundamental difference in the guiding ideology of medical theory, so that the treatment result is different. A true story: Arthritis &TCM Lucy suffers from knee arthritis and obesity. She was told she would need a knee replacement, but she had to lose weight before surgery. The other option for her would have been to take a wheelchair. Lucy was frustrated because she couldn’t do any exercise to lose weight with the state of her legs and she did not want to be sat in a wheelchair for rest of her life. Her parents, both in their 90s, were also relying on her to take care of them. She met a TCM doctor, who analysed her arthritis and concluded it was caused by a deficiency of energy of the kidney and spleen. This was causing water and metabolites to accumulate in the deep fascial tissue and between muscles and connective tissues around the joints, which blocked blood circulation, and therefore encouraged inflammation. In fact, the symptoms of joint pain and swelling were due to the spleen and kidney’s reduced function, subsequently causing fatigue, insomnia, bloating, irregular bowel movements and so on. Lucy realised that the all of symptoms she had were treated separately, while TCM treated her holistically Lucy started her natural health journey with a TCM doctor, while reducing pain, but also expelling pathogenic cold and dampness deep inside of her body, strengthening the spleen and kidney yang energy. She got better and better every day Now her pain has completely disappeared, and what also surprised her is that she lost weight, and her clothing size had been reduced from 26 to 20. Through TCM, she had achieved the weight loss required to enable a knee replacement, but she no longer needed it as she is free of pain and her movement and function has been restored. She can start her exercise, carry on her normal work, look after her parents and grandchildren happily and easily. Lucy says “If I didn’t meet this TCM doctor, I would be in a wheelchair and reluctantly watching my parents grow older and losing their mobility but I wouldn’t be able to help them. But now I have the ability to go to work and take care of my ageing parents and enjoy life with my grand children. Thank God for letting me meet my Chinese medicine practitioner. She is my angel.”

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?