Four out of five people will be crippled by backache at sometime in their lives. In server cases it can effect one’s normal life and working capacity.

Painkillers usually only relieve the pain temporarily but cannot cure the cause of pain. In terms of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we say that the back is the mansion of the kidney.

In clinical terms, most of backache sufferer are combined with weak internal conditions and also climate related. Therefore, there are four types of backpain which are Cold-Damp, Dam-Heat, Kidney deficiency, and blood stasis type backache.

The treatment will be provided by our Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it depends on the type of backache.

Sue, 69 years old lady come to Harworth Acupuncture Practice, on 20th, June, 2018, because  she had sever Lower-Back pain for 5 years, she walk difficult need walk sticker supported, feeling of tired and coolness on her back and legs, and insomia, purple tongue with purple spots on the tongue, hesitant, tightness pulse. Her backache belongs to Blood stasis and kidney deficiency.

1st stage of the treatment is focused on relief the pain by using latest acupuncture technique which was very high effective on result,  twice a week, in total four sessions;  after this stage she was got a lots better, can walk free without walk sticker. 

2nd stage of treatment is tonifying kidney energy by using general acupuncture, MOX technique and herbal medicine, once a week, 6 sessions.

3rd stage of treatment is maintaining in good condition, once per 4 – 8 weeks. Now Sue is free of pain and walking well without walk sticker. She can do gardening and is capable to fly abroad to travelling. She is very happy. She said:” I feel myself back now.”

Low-Back Pain &TCM Acupuncture