Regenerative Therapy

New to the clinic is our line of restorative healing products. These products encourage healing by encouraging regeneration of damaged tissue at the cellular level.

Based on the research of Dr Rong Xiang Xu, our regenerative capsules are able to encourage regeneration by activating potential regenerative cells to replace damaged cells, and replace missing cells. This way, the body is able to naturally repair its own tissues, with less scarring.

This is the basis of all our regenerative therapy products, and using these principles, this can be applied to a injuries in varied states of development, and severity.

Principles in Practice

These principles have already been applied to a variety of skincare products, including highly effective burn ointments, anti acne, and general skincare creams.

Currently, we have in stock MEBO Gastro Intestinal (GI) Capsules, designed to help your stomach and intestines to work at their full capacity. Whether you have a noticeable deficit, or are just looking to preserve your health, MEBO GI Regenerate Capsules can help you achieve your health goals.

Bottles of 120 GI Regenerate capsules currently on sale for £189