Traditional Chinese Medicine is a natural medicine. The Chinese ancestors observed in the Genesis era when there was not modern medicine, that human diseases are closely related to the wind, cold, heat and dampness in nature. Also, human body has its own self individual character along to different lifestyle, living environments, even the date and time of your birth. 

What is causing hay fever?

In turns of [CE1] Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) hay fever is classified as exogenous wind, heat with superficial syndrome. People have a hot body constitution easily suffer from hay fever when the warm and hot summer weather arrives. The external heat and wind combine with the heat inside the body to create hay fever symptoms. People who have a habit of intake high energy food such as curry, chocolate, dairy products and chillies, will have heat constitution. Because this high energy food can create heated blood in the body. Also, stress, unhealthy diet and irregular lifestyle can lead to heat imbalance. Modern environment, pollution, heating system in house, can increase our body heat as well. 

Why is hay fever so popular in the UK?

                You may have noticed this,when a patient with hay fever or skin disease goes to a tropical country for vacation, pollen allergy or skin condition becomes better, but may get worse when after returning to the UK. This is because people live in UK do not usually perspire which prevents the expulsion of internal heat. Plus, if people eat chocolate, hot food, and drink alcohol, heat element will increase in blood and make hay fever worse. 

How can TCM help Hay fever?

Firstly, a TCM practitioner will distinguish which type of hay fever you are suffering from. If you come to see Edwina, she will ask question about your health, then she will take TCM examination,such as to calculate the ratio of your heart rate to your breathing rate, interpret your tongue, feel your pulse, and check the sensitization of your meridians.  Then she makes a diagnosis and according to the judgment, Edwina will choose the appropriate acupuncture points for you and give you a treatment. At the same time, she will prescribe the appropriate mixture of Chinese herbal medicine and prepared it ready when you finish acupuncture after 30-60 minute (Depending on the situation )。 

A case study:

A Lady,75,  she has had a pollinosis with severe runny nose, itchy eyes, headache, after two weeks of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment, most of the symptoms were improved, but the runny nose was still very serious, . Edwina  noticed that she also has deficiency of energy while she had extra windy evil elements. After adding some tonic herbs, the patient’s symptoms gradually improved and she now finds breathing much easier, especially during sleep. 


Hay Fever & TCM